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Since 1977, PINEDO ABOGADOS has provided timely, expert and effective services in matters of Maritime Law, Environmental Maritime Law, Gas and Offshore Law to our esteemed national and foreign clients. Our office is one of the oldest and most reputable in the areas of our specialty in our country and enjoys a prestigious reputation both nationally and abroad.

We are Integral Specialized Professional

Pinedo Abogados was founded in 1977 in Mexico City. The Firm has extensive experience in the fields of Maritime Law, Insurance Law, Reinsurance, Maritime Transport, Environment and Energy Law.

Pinedo Abogados has actively and successfully participated in the management and resolution of major incidents in the maritime industry,Ā representing a diversity of clients ranging from owners and insurers of vessels and offshore platforms, P&I and H&M club associations, shipyards, operators, vessel charterers and marine platforms, mortgage banks, among others.

Pinedo Abogados‘ reputation is well known, both nationally and internationally, as a law firm experienced in defending incidents related to shipwrecks, collisions, fires and explosion at sea and damage to the marine environment.

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Our vast experience in the practice of Maritime Law, as well as Environmental Maritime Law and in matters related to Gas and Oil Offshore, allows us to immediately attend to the requirements of our clients, always under the bases of confidentiality, transparency, loyalty and commitment.

Our lawyers are trained to deal with any type of matter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our esteemed clientele and for which we have our Emergency service that works all year round.


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Contracts and Transactions

We are specialized in the review and analysis of vesselsā€™ sale and purchase contracts, time charter contracts, bareboat charter contracts and construction contracts, vesselsā€™ repairs, service contracts between our clients and the authorities, naval mortgages and mortgage foreclosures, among others.

When a contractual dispute arises, we are regularly called upon by clients to advise them of their rights and obligations, as well as to represent their interests in mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that may be required in accordance with the current legislation. When alternative dispute resolution mechanisms are not available, our experienced litigators represent our clients in court proceedings involving contract disputes in various federal and local jurisdictions.

A core practice area of ā€‹ā€‹the Firm is the representation of insurers and reinsurers related to insurance coverage disputes.


Throughout the history of the Firm, numerous international insurance providers have relied on the experience of Pinedo Abogados to receive advice and representation for their legal matters related to insurance in Mexico. Our attorneys are regularly called upon to advise insurers on both routine and highly complex matters. When insurance coverage issues cannot be resolved amicably, our litigation experts protect and pursue the legal rights of insurers and reinsurers in court or in arbitration.

At the same time, when an accident gives rise to a potential liability claim, insurers regularly ask us to represent and defend the interests of the insured, follow up on subrogation rights against responsible third parties.

Some of the main areas in which we regularly represent insurers and reinsurers are:

  • Maritime Insurance (Commercial and Recreational)
    • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)
      • Incident investigation and defense
      • Litigation and arbitration
    • Hull and Machinery (H&M) insurance claims
      • Opinions and coverage disputes
      • Accident investigation
      • Surrogacy
  • Insurance coverage disputes
    • Maritime, non-maritime, constructive total loss, environmental, oil and energy, shipyards
      • Opinions and coverage disputes
      • Surrogacy
      • Litigation and arbitration
      • Defense of Direct Actions against Insurers
      • Maritime Liability Insurance
    • Regularly appointed by domestic and international insurers

Litigation, Arbitration and Appeal

Although Pinedo Abogados focuses its core practice on specific areas of the Law, we are particularly skilled attorneys and litigators with extensive experience representing clients before both State and Federal Courts, involving a wide variety of legal matters in Mexico. Our goal in every case is to provide effective and efficient counsel, representation and results. It is often the case that the client’s interests in a controversial matter are best served by an early financial settlement, in which case we do not hesitate to recommend an early resolution of the matter. However, when a legal dispute involves an issue of principle for a client, or has the potential to carry severe economic consequences, we put all our resources and litigation experience to work to achieve the best possible outcome of the case.

On a regular basis, our firm defends the interests of companies and their insurers in a variety of cases involving general liability and property loss claims before State and Federal Courts.

Shipsā€™ Financing

Pinedo Abogados regularly represents national and foreign credit institutions, as well as shipowners in financial transactions involving the construction and sale and vesselsā€™ sale and purchase, offshore platforms and maritime equipment. Our attorneys draft, negotiate, and advise clients on the terms and conditions of all necessary forms of documentation associated with ship financing, including ship mortgages, credit notes, collateral, leases, warranties, and related documents.

In maritime law, the principles and procedure that a lender must follow when a borrower defaults on a loan or mortgage are highly particular. Our attorneys have extensive experience advising mortgagees regarding their rights and obligations and, when the case arises, carrying out mortgage foreclosure proceedings and arresting vessels in Federal Courts throughout the country.

Maritime Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling any type of claims, accidents and transactions involving the unique principles and practices of Maritime Law. We apply this experience, practice and knowledge in each case.

Since 1977, Pinedo Abogados has received the privilege of serving as the local correspondent for the world’s leading Protection and Indemnity Insurance Associations of the International Group of P&I Clubs, as well as other independent P&I associations. Regarding our jurisdiction as correspondents, our lawyers have represented and defended the interests of owners and creditors of vessels and offshore platforms in various cases involving a variety of maritime accidents, incidents and disputes which occur in connection with the maritime trading operation.

When litigation arises over a maritime casualty or dispute, we fully commit all of the Firm’s resources and our attorneys’ extensive litigation experience to achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

An overview of some of the types of marine claims, incidents and transactions we routinely handle include:

  • Accident Defense, Investigation and Litigation
    • Collisions
    • Allisions
    • Stranding
    • Sinking
    • Damage to cargo
    • Personal injury and death (seafarers, workers and passengers)
    • Property damage
    • Oil pollution.

  • Business disputes
    • Bills of lading
    • Charter
    • Mortgage and foreclosure

  • Maritime Liens
    • Arrest and detention of vessels
    • Liens

  • General Average and Salvage

  • Regulatory Affairs Concerning Vessels and Naval Artifacts
    • Flagging, Temporary Navigation Permits and Permanence Authorizations

  • Construction and Repair Contracts
    • Disputes over the construction and repair of vessels.

Marine Pollution

Marine Oil Pollution incidents are serious, high-profile events that require immediate response on a variety of fronts by a team of highly experienced attorneys who work closely with authorities and all the parties involved such as their insurers, consultants, advisors and contractors. Over the years, Pinedo Abogados has represented vessel owners, charterers, offshore platform operators, marine terminals and their insurers in numerous oil pollution incidents.

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